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Bulletin for October 4

NEWS – First Presbyterian Church of Warren

Self-Study Online Survey

The excitement generated by the self-study process has been tremendous.  That said, we are asking everyone to complete the Online Survey.  You will have access to the survey from July 31st through August 10th.  Take a moment to provide some feedback as we look toward the next 213 years.


Thank you in advance for your continued time and effort!

Church Growth Committee – Self-Study Update

Click to download this update.

The Church Growth committee presented a motion to the Session during the February meeting.  The motion was to authorize a Church wide self-study to consider calling someone for the purposes of adding to FPC’s ministry and mission.  After the Session approved that motion a subcommittee that reports to the Church Growth committee was established.  That committee is Amy Burd, Jennifer Beerbower, Jim Ries, Kevin Yocum, Shelley Odille and Steve Schubert.  Pastor Cowden is acting as an advisor to the committee.  Meetings of the full committee are led by our Interim General Presbytery in Eastminster Presbytery, Nancy Kahaian.

The purpose of this self-study is many-fold.  We are working to gain a better understanding of what we are, where we have been and where we will eventually go.  The hope is that we will determine, through our efforts, if we are in need of and capable of adding to the ministry and mission of FPC.

The self-study has begun and is now approximately 1/3 completed.

What has been accomplished?

  1. Three texts assigned, read and discussed
    1. Discovering Community by Stephen V. Doughty
    2. Postmodern Pilgrims by Leonard Sweet
    3. Transforming Church by Kevin G. Ford
    4. Statistical data analyzed
      1. 10 year trends for FPC
      2. 10 year trends for Trumbull County
      3. Dates selected for “Conversation Cafes” – Shelley Taylor Odille and Jennifer Beerbower moderators
        1. Please sign up / plan to attend one of the following sessions
          i.     June 25th 7:00pm
          ii.     June 28th Immediately following church service and again 7:00pm

What’s next?

  1. Develop an online survey – July
  2. Interview “Non-FPC” community members – July and August
  3. Analyze all data – August
  4. Present findings and recommendations to Session and Congregation – September

What this committee needs?

Your prayers.  A “Prayer Team” will be established.  We will ask individuals, as well as groups, to pray for the committee and more importantly Christ’s church, as we work toward our common goal of Glorifying our Lord and Savior.

If you have any questions regarding the process, please don’t hesitate to contact any of the members of this very important committee.  Thank you for your continued prayers as we move toward a bright future in Christ.

Steve Schubert