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Bulletin for July 5

NEWS – First Presbyterian Church of Warren

Church Growth Committee – Self-Study Update

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The Church Growth committee presented a motion to the Session during the February meeting.  The motion was to authorize a Church wide self-study to consider calling someone for the purposes of adding to FPC’s ministry and mission.  After the Session approved that motion a subcommittee that reports to the Church Growth committee was established.  That committee is Amy Burd, Jennifer Beerbower, Jim Ries, Kevin Yocum, Shelley Odille and Steve Schubert.  Pastor Cowden is acting as an advisor to the committee.  Meetings of the full committee are led by our Interim General Presbytery in Eastminster Presbytery, Nancy Kahaian.

The purpose of this self-study is many-fold.  We are working to gain a better understanding of what we are, where we have been and where we will eventually go.  The hope is that we will determine, through our efforts, if we are in need of and capable of adding to the ministry and mission of FPC.

The self-study has begun and is now approximately 1/3 completed.

What has been accomplished?

  1. Three texts assigned, read and discussed
    1. Discovering Community by Stephen V. Doughty
    2. Postmodern Pilgrims by Leonard Sweet
    3. Transforming Church by Kevin G. Ford
    4. Statistical data analyzed
      1. 10 year trends for FPC
      2. 10 year trends for Trumbull County
      3. Dates selected for “Conversation Cafes” – Shelley Taylor Odille and Jennifer Beerbower moderators
        1. Please sign up / plan to attend one of the following sessions
          i.     June 25th 7:00pm
          ii.     June 28th Immediately following church service and again 7:00pm

What’s next?

  1. Develop an online survey – July
  2. Interview “Non-FPC” community members – July and August
  3. Analyze all data – August
  4. Present findings and recommendations to Session and Congregation – September

What this committee needs?

Your prayers.  A “Prayer Team” will be established.  We will ask individuals, as well as groups, to pray for the committee and more importantly Christ’s church, as we work toward our common goal of Glorifying our Lord and Savior.

If you have any questions regarding the process, please don’t hesitate to contact any of the members of this very important committee.  Thank you for your continued prayers as we move toward a bright future in Christ.

Steve Schubert








Everyone Welcome! Join Us!

The tradition of coloring eggs for Easter goes back to the early Christians. Over the years, the colors used in dying the eggs took on symbolic meaning: RED is associated with the blood of Jesus and is a symbol of love; GREY, the color of ashes represent mourning and repentance; GOLD for all this is valuable; YELLOW, the happiness of the sun; ROSE, joy and jubilation; BLACK signifies darkness and WHITE, the purity and grace of Easter. Join us as we celebrate Lent with the colors of Easter.

GOLD: The Value of Easter
Lenten Bible Study: Fridays throughout Lent.

YELLOW: The Happiness of Easter
Lenten Family Crafts:
We will meet after church to decorate cookies for homebound members. Refreshments will be served.

ROSE: The Joy of Easter
Hymn Sing at Lake Vista/Shepherd of the Valley:
We will meet at the Church at 2PM and visit both facilities for a hymn sing along. After, we will return to the church for a pizza and pot luck dinner. Last name A thru M brings a dessert; N thru Z a salad or side

RED: The Love of Easter
Maundy Thursday Service:
THURSDAY, APRIL 2, at 7 p.m.

BLACK: The Sorrow of Easter
Good Friday:
The Sanctuary will be open for meditation on the crucifixion of Christ 11 a.m. until 1 p.m.

WHITE: The Grace of Easter
Easter Sunday Service:
SUNDAY, APRIL 5, at 10 a.m.


Everyone Welcome. Join Us!

Using dramatic storytelling and challenging teaching by Kyle Idleman, The Easter Experience conveys the heart of God’s loving plan for us. Paint yourself into the story as Jesus and His followers walk through the passion and resurrection of Christ. The Easter Experience brings the journey to life by combining cinematic video and biblically-based teaching. What if what happened then changes everything now?

Each week we will meet at 6 PM for dinner and fellowship.  The study will begin after dinner when we will watch a short video followed by an interactive discussion. (On Week 3 we will meet on a Sunday after services for the study and then enjoy lunch). Each study is self-contained, so if you cannot attend every week, you can still participate on the sessions that fit your schedule.

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Join us in celebrating the multitude of gifts that this special season can offer, keeping in mind the True Gift of Christmas, Jesus: when our God, incarnate, left eternity and joined with humanity. It all started with a helpless baby, being born in a small village in a humble stable.

The Gift of Tradition: Decorating the Church
Join us after worship and help prepare our church for the season as we decorate the church and consider all this special season has to hold for us. Lunch will be provided.

The Gift of Spirit: Advent Prayer Journey
A spiritual journey that will take you through various stations throughout the church that will help to center you on the true meaning of the Season. Lunch will be provided. Signup sheet is posted in the Fellowship Hall. WAIT. WATCH. WONDER. Spread the light.

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